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  • Posted on :April 2, 2024
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InVideo AI is a company that develops a video creation platform designed to help people easily create professional-looking videos.

Invideo AI

Offer: 50 free AI minutes in the first month of an invideo AI subscription

Code: invideoAIOffer50

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Invideo Studio

Offer: 30% off annual invideo studio plans

Code: IVStudio30

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Offer: 25% off monthly invideo studio plans

Code: IVStudio25


Invideo AI’s Newest Feature – Voice Cloning!

With invideo AI’s new voice cloning feature, users can create publish-ready videos in their own voice with a simple text prompt. No more recording again and again – it’s as simple as recording a 30-second voice clip, uploading it to an invideo AI account, and seamlessly integrating it into videos.

Voice cloning is the most asked-for feature by invideo users since it can add a lot of personalization to videos as compared to traditional automated voice overs. No other video creation tool offers this feature at the moment, meaning invideo is a standout in this space for users who are just starting their content creation journeys or running faceless Youtube channels!


Content Ideas

As the hype around AI continues worldwide, it’s never been a better time to promote invideo AI. Conversion rates for invideo AI are 4x higher than conversion rates for invideo studio, meaning your promotions of invideo AI are even more likely to result in a purchase and commission from your audience.

In addition to using creatives provided by invideo via Impact, consider using other AI-related articles or news items to get your audience excited about the possibilities around AI video generation!

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