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WinExt Pro is a set of useful tools that allows you to take control of the lack of free space on your computer. The utility helps you efficiently manage resources on your hard drives.
With WinExt Pro, you can identify duplicate files, find large resources, examine system information and perform batch operations. You can also quickly free up space on your disks by removing duplicate files or large resources that take up a lot of space and that you might not even know about. WinExt Pro also makes it easy to sync selected resources, both automatically and manually.

Hard disk cleaning and resource management
WinExt Pro performs in-depth analysis, comparing file contents to identify duplicates with just one click. The search results page displays sorted and grouped duplicate files – you can save the list and sort the files by size. The same is true for resource management, where WinExt Pro shows you a tree view with resources sorted by size, the largest first. Then you can select the files you want and do a batch copy, send to the trash, or permanently delete.

Main features of WinExt Pro
Quickly finds duplicate files based on their content.
Displays the size of all drives, folders and files for large resource searches.
Shows recent access to resources and additional information about them (path, size, type, modification date, creation date, etc.).
Monitors Windows activity (actions on computer resources).
Performs batch work with the selected resources (moving to the trash, permanently deleting, copying / moving to another location, renaming, displaying information and changing properties).
Manually or automatically syncs your resources to other locations.

Serial Key: WE-12360423296102-NWDN

Serial Key: WE-12360461596102-NWDN

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