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Mango Animate Character Maker Professional

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Mango Animate Character Maker lets you turn static images to animated cartoon characters in a snap.

Key Features:
- Turn static PNG images or PSD layers to animated characters.
- Get access to a library of character templates.
- Swap outfits and accessories for your animated character with a simple click.
- Use the smart and intuitive IK (Inverse Kinematic) feature to edit character posture and movement.
- Add audio/video files to match the movements of your character.
- Export your characters and animations in various formats (MP4, MOV, PNG, or animated GIF).
- Share your wonderful artwork on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to reach a wider audience.

1. Visit to sign up for a free account of Mango Animate.
( If you have registered an account of Mango Animate before, you just need to log in to your
account and go to step 3.)

2. Log in to your email, find the Mango Animate Activation email, and click the ACTIVATE
ACCOUNT button to activate your account.

3. Visit to log in to your account and click the drop-down menu next
to your user name and pick "Billing info".

4. Click "Gift Card" at the left side column and enter your code: UR6O-999E-6GAR-MNGK, choose Mango CM, enter the Captcha and click "Submit" to activate your Professional account of Mango CM.

5. Install the software by running Setup_x32.exe or Setup_x64, log into your account, and hover
over/click your name in the program to check your account type.


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