Applied Machine Learning and AI for Engineers ($67.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Instead, author Jeff Prosise helps engineers and software developers build an intuitive understanding of AI to solve business problems. Need to create a system to detect the sounds of illegal logging in the rainforest, analyze text for sentiment, or predict early failures in rotating machinery? This practical book teaches you the skills necessary to put AI and machine learning to work at your company.

Applied Machine Learning and AI for Engineers provides examples and illustrations from the AI and ML course Prosise teaches at companies and research institutions worldwide. There's no fluff and no scary equations—just a fast start for engineers and software developers, complete with hands-on examples.

This book helps you:

Learn what machine learning and deep learning are and what they can accomplish
Understand how popular learning algorithms work and when to apply them
Build machine learning models in Python with Scikit-Learn, and neural networks with Keras and TensorFlow
Train and score regression models and binary and multiclass classification models
Build facial recognition models and object detection models
Build language models that respond to natural-language queries and translate text to other languages
Use Cognitive Services to infuse AI into the apps that you write

Offer Expires 5/1/2024
Offered Free by: O'Reilly


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