Black Hearts from Itch


Your sister went missing. She worked in the old Fortress for this new company of city dwellers. They paid well, and she needed the money, what with her drunkard of a husband and the children. Your mother asked you to inquire, and you don't say no if your family needs you. Not where you grew up, anyway.

And you were always fascinated by the old castle. They say it's haunted. They say there are riches there beyond your wildest dreams. Well, they also say the Black Fever had its origin there. As always, no gain without a bit of risk.

The Fortress has been decontaminated by the government, they say, the virus should be dead by now. Yes, I know, they say a lot. But you are a young, energetic, inventive guy and you are not scared about taking risks. And your sister, well, she's family, so no questions asked. Let's go and find her!


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