Chorust Vintage LoFi from Beatskillz


Chorust takes inspiration from classic hardware units and breathes new life into them with its advanced lo-fi and filter controls. With these intuitive parameters, you have the power to sculpt your audio’s spaciousness and depth, effortlessly recreating the “sweet and silky” sounds found on many 70s/80s records.

But Chorust doesn’t stop there – it introduces ladder filters to add an extra layer of sonic character to your tracks. These legendary filters, known for their smooth and musical response, let you shape the timbre and frequency response of the audio, further enhancing its vintage authenticity. Sculpt your audio with precision, dialing in the perfect amount of modulation and width to captivate your listeners.

Harness the sonic allure of vintage chorus effects, unleash your creativity with lofi controls, and add a touch of nostalgia with ladder filters – all within the convenience of this extraordinary plugin. Step into the past, shape the present, and redefine your audio with Chorust.

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