Doors: Paradox from Epicgames


Doors: Paradox is a relaxing, diorama puzzle escape game set in a rich world full of magic, head-scratching, and more than 5 hours of fun!
You are accompanied by the outstanding time-travel guide Zula, who takes you through an unexplored portal to.. a cozy forest, and then a fertile desert oasis, and then the future!?
No matter where you go, the task is simple – solve the puzzles, open the door, and travel to the next exciting location – just don’t get lost, the place is vast and full of ancient secrets.
Visually-stunning themed levels
Explore all 58 door-o-ramas set in 13 unique realms.
Mind-bending puzzles
Exercise your problem-solving skills with a wide array of puzzles fit for all players.
A tale as old as time
Collect all the scrolls to unravel the story of the Doors world.
Magical soundtrack
An upbeat and diverse soundtrack that just fits right in.
We hope you enjoy playing Doors just as much as we loved making it!


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