Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple for Android

Developer: IMCrazy

This is a fun and cool indie game, players will play as a shooter (can choose 3 occupations) to adventure in ancient tomb and dungeon, explore treasures, obtain weapons and props, constantly improve the ability of themselves and their pets, and challenge the more and more powerful monsters, I believe you will find your own fun.
On the basis of FPS games, it's combines the characteristics of RPG and AVG, and contains many original contents, which are not only unique and interesting, but also very playable, bringing players a brand new gaming experience.
This game adopts a realistic dark style and has a strong sense of immersion. It may feel scary in some scenes. It is recommended that players over 18 years old download it.

Giveaway: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imcrazy.ds2

Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple


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