Engelmann OnlineTV 19

Homepage: https://engelmann.com/en/online-tv-offer/

Turn your PC and laptop into a better radio and television, with onlineTV 19 you easily watch TV online. You can stream the most popular channels for international television programs from the internet directly to your laptop. For Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Android!

With onlineTV 19, you receive over 100 TV programs

from 13 different countries
in 7 different languages
For radio, you even have the choice of over 1000 stations from more than 80 different countries!

For unlimited radio and TV enjoyment!

What’s new in version 19?

New: 20 new TV stations, both German and international
New: onlineRadio allows access to more than 3000 stations now
Improved: playback of streams as real full screen, per double click
Improved: Media libraries support subtitles
Improved: Cool layouts and skins
Improved: EPG for up to 7 days
Improved: Further improvements in the backend for even better streaming
New in Android: onlineRadio with numerous new stations
Improved in Android: Reworked and improved performance

Giveaway: https://service.engelmann.com/redirect/reg-onlinetv-19.php
Download: https://download.engelmann.com/third_party/otv19engelmannsetup.exe
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