Franzis BLACK & WHITE Projects 5 (Win & Mac)


A variety of paths lead to BLACK & WHITE projects, and now Lightroom is one of them! This genuine plug-in ensures maximum ease and convenience when editing your favourite photos. Simply mark exposure series or images in your Lightroom library to then transfer them through the plug-in to BLACK & WHITE projects. After optimising the shots, the results will be automatically imported back into Lightroom and added to the original images in your gallery.

Black&White: Reduced to the Essentials

BLACK & WHITE projects is the perfect tool to enable all photographers with a special affinity for black & white photos to make their creative mark. The brand new spectral sensitivity engine allows you to control every grey value for each converted colour and specifically adjust tones. The 115 handcrafted presets reveal the plethora of possibilities hidden in your image’s information..

Spectral Sensitivity
The brand new Spectral Sensitivity Engine gives you access to each gray value of a converted colour and adjust their tone specific. With 115 handcrafted presets that offer you a wealth of possibilities. Please have look at our product video as well.

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