GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 1D 1.4.4


You need more desktop space but don’t have the possibility to add more
monitors? This is the perfect program for you. when you push your
mouse cursor to the left or right border of your screen you will see
that your windows simply scroll to the opposite direction creating
more space for having many windows open next to each other. There is
an arrange option that automatically orders all you windows nicely
next to each other and you can limit the virtual desktop space to the
space that is used by your open windows so you don’t get lost. Also
you can open the overview display so you can see your whole extended
virtual desktop. If you have specific tools on your desktop that you
don’t want to scroll then you can exclude them from the scrolling
windows list.

Registration Key: 3286347285348
Registration Key: 159328634728


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