How to be a Coffee Bean: 111 Life-Changing Ways to Create Positive Change ($13.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

In “How to be a Coffee Bean,” the dynamic duo Jon Gordon and Damon West, bestselling coauthors of “The Coffee Bean,” provide 111 straightforward and impactful strategies to guide you toward leading a “coffee bean lifestyle.” This lifestyle is characterized by healthy habits, uplifting encouragement, and genuine happiness. Having already inspired athletes, students, and executives with “The Coffee Bean” message, this book, “How to be a Coffee Bean,” serves as a practical guide to applying The Coffee Bean philosophy in your life for authentic and enduring change.

Key concepts explored in “How to be a Coffee Bean” include:

1. **Fueling your mind, body, and soul:** Energize yourself and others by adopting habits that nurture your overall well-being.

2. **Making a daily difference:** Learn how to positively impact the lives of those around you every single day.

3. **Being a messenger of hope and perseverance:** Use your background, experiences, successes, and failures as opportunities to inspire and uplift others.

With its easy-to-implement, practical, and proven strategies, “How to be a Coffee Bean” offers a blueprint for translating the powerful lessons from “The Coffee Bean” into tangible actions. It's a must-read for anyone seeking to live their best life, make a positive impact, and contribute to the transformation of both individuals and the environment around them.

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