Launching & Building a Brand For Dummies ($16.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

These days, customers want to have a deeply felt connection to the brands behind the products they're purchasing, which means that if you're starting a business, a strong brand DNA has got to be part of your creative process from day one. And it needs to be more than just an abstract idea: to give your brand life—and a bigger chance of surviving against the competition—you need to have a standout launch strategy and a set plan for growing your brand in a noisy marketplace.

In Launching & Building a Brand For Dummies, Amy Will—who launched her first business at just 24-years-old and has been the brains behind four strong and buzzworthy brands—covers everything from crafting a powerful brand identity and planning that all-important launch to being prepared to scale up as you begin to take off. She reveals crucial lessons from her personal experience in launching five companies, as well as detailing case studies from some of the strongest brands out there, accompanied by insights and advice from successful founders and branding experts.

This book is broken up into five parts:

Getting Started with Branding
Attending to Brand Fundamentals
Building a Strong Brand Presence
Feeding and Caring for Your Brand
The Part of Tens – Ten Ways to Make Your Marketing Campaigns Go Viral & Ten Ways to distinguish Your Brand from the Competition
Whether you're thinking of starting a business or are already building up your market share, memorable brand identity will be the key to—and Launching & Building a Brand For Dummies one of the secrets of—your future standout success.

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