Linux Cookbook 2nd edition ( $56.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Every time you use a smart device or some sort of slick technology—be it a smartwatch, smart speaker, security alarm, or even customer service chat box—you’re engaging with artificial intelligence (AI). If you’re curious about how AI is developed—or question whether AI is real—Artificial Intelligence For Dummies holds the answers you’re looking for. Starting with a basic definition of AI and explanations of data use, algorithms, special hardware, and more, this reference simplifies this complex topic for anyone who wants to understand what operates the devices we can’t live without.

This book will help you:

Separate the reality of artificial intelligence from the hype
Whether you run Linux in embedded, desktop, server, or cloud or virtual environments, the fundamental skills are the same. This book aims to get you up and running quickly, with copy-paste examples.

Carla Schroder provides recipes that cover specific problems, with discussions that explain how each recipe works, as well as references for additional study.

You'll learn how to:

Use systemd, the new comprehensive service manager
Build simple or complex firewalls with firewalld
Set up secure network connections for Linux systems and mobile devices
Rescue nonbooting systems
Reset lost passwords on Linux and Windows

Use dnsmasq to simplify managing your LAN name services
Manage users and groups and control access to files
Probe your computer hardware and monitor hardware health
Manage the GRUB bootloader and multiboot Linux and Windows
Keep accurate time across your network with the newest tools
Build an internet router/firewall on Raspberry Pi
Manage filesystems and partitioning
Offer Expires 5/16/2024

Offered Free by: O'Reilly


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