Microservices with Spring Boot 3 and Spring Cloud – Third Edition ($35.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Check out Microservices with Spring Boot 3 and Spring Cloud, Third Edition. With a practical approach, you'll begin with simple microservices and progress to complex distributed applications. Learn essential functionality and deploy microservices using Kubernetes and Istio. This book covers Java 17, Spring Boot 3, and Spring Cloud 2022. Java EE packages are replaced with the latest Jakarta EE packages. Code examples are updated and deprecated APIs have been replaced, providing the most up to date information. Gain knowledge of Spring's AOT module, observability, distributed tracing, and Helm 3 for Kubernetes packaging. Start with Docker Compose to run microservices with databases and messaging services. Progress to deploying microservices on Kubernetes with Istio. Explore persistence, resilience, reactive microservices, and API documentation with OpenAPI. Learn service discovery with Netflix Eureka, edge servers with Spring Cloud Gateway, and monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana, and the EFK stack. By the end, you'll build scalable microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

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