Pcwinsoft Audio Split & Trim

Homepage: https://www.pcwinsoft.com/audio-trimmer.asp

Audio Split & Trim is a complete audio recording & editing suite. With Audio Split & Trim, you can record audio from all available sources, including the Microphone, the sound you hear, and external devices connected to the Line-In jack. You can also edit and convert.

Audio Split & Trim records audio directly to MP3. With Audio Split & Trim, you record audio with the quality you desire. The program is ready to go as high on quality as your hardware can take it. You can record MP3 with a constant bit rate of up to 320 kbps and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. Optionally you can record MP3 in variable bit rates. You can define the level of quality you want for your recordings. You can select the number of channels you want to record and even copyright your recordings. Advanced options are also available for expert users.

Download: https://filepost.it/pcwinsoft.com/PCWinSoft_Audio_Split_Trim-


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