Pixarra Luminance Studio 3.03

Homepage: https://www.pixarra.com/luminance_studio.html

It builds on the success of other Studio products by Pixarra, giving you, the artist, a tool dedicated to achieving your vision quicker and better than other options.


Clean User Interface.
Paper Texture.
Quick Access Panels.
Quick Command Panel.
Powerful Brush Effects System.
64 bit color painting system for the smoothest blends available anywhere.
World’s most powerful and flexible brush engine with the Pixarra brush effects system.
Automatic saving multiple copies of your work in progress.
Brush compatibility with other Pixarra Studio products.
Tracing paper to use as a guide.
Up to 9 floating reference Image panels to hold reference photos when working on your art.
Sketchbook system that automatically saves your work to your sketchbook.
Switching pages in your book with a single key press (Page Up or Page Down).
Saving your work to a range of standard image formats.

Download: https://www.pixarra.com/uploads/9/4/6/3/94635436/tbluminancestudio_install_3.03.exe
Registration Key: LU03-R6A4-B8D5-Y9L1-M6J6

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