Project Malice from Itch


The infected roam the streets. They've killed everything you live for. Your kings have fled to the cosmos. Your gods have stopped answering your prayers. Your money is worthless. You have nowhere to go. Hunger and thirst begins to set in. There is no hope. Only pain and suffering.

But perhaps, amidst the chaos… you can find something to make your time worthwhile. This is where it all began… and this is where it will end. The future of humanity is in your hands.

Project Malice is an isometric third person shooter roguelike about a ruined Earth, and those who are unfortunate enough to dwell on it. What started off as just an uncontrollable outbreak of infection transformed into something far much worse.


A myriad of enemies, like a lot of enemies
Bosses that will curb stomp you to a pulp
Tons of random whatever to collect
Allies who are dumb enough to follow you around
Dialogue that lets you really get to know the characters
A bunch of secrets and extra challenges for you to walk past
Cameos from other games
Way too much lore


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