QILING Disk Master Professional 7.0

Homepage: https://www.idiskhome.com/main/product_pro.shtml

QILING Disk Master Professional is not only a easy-to-use, reliable fast backup and recovery software solutions, and also a ramdisk and partition manager software. It ensures your system and data are protected as well as can be restored rapidly in the event of disaster; In addition, It also supports checking hard disk's health, doing partition manager, creating ramdisk that improve the performance of your computer, and so on.

Download: https://www.idiskhome.com/download/vdisk/multi_DiskMaster_Pro_Trial.exe
Registration Key: 0SZ0G-EVHLK-BL7PL-81K80-5860F

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QILING Disk Master Professional Price: US $11.7 $39
QILING Disk Master Professional + Lifetime Free Upgrades Price: US $19.6 $49
QILING Disk Master Server Price: US $50.7 $169
QILING Disk Master Server + Lifetime Free Upgrades Price: US $79.6 $199
QILING Disk Master Technician Price: US $639.2 $799

Deep Data Recovery Price: US $29.95 $59.9
Qiling File Shredder Price: US $9.95 $19.9
QILING Safe Disk Standard Price: US $14.95 $29.9
QILING Fast Cache Standard Price: US $14.95 $29.9


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