S Files Pro X – Shrestha File Explorer from Microsoft Store

Homepage: https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/s-files-pro-x-shrestha-file-explorer/9npnffsv2hqm

S Files Pro X (Shrestha Files) is a finalist in 2022 Microsoft Store App Award!

Welcome to S Files Pro X – the neXt version of Shrestha Files! S Files Pro X offers the convenience of tabs and dual pane with a modern and minimalist interface to supercharge your productivity!

* Single and dual pane modes
* Tabs, colorful themes, and custom backgrounds
* Custom icon theme for files, folders, libraries, drives, and commands (such as buttons)
* Built in text editor
* Built in image viewer
* Built in audio and video players
* Built in Zip (Compression) and Unzip (Decompression) support
* Automatically saves and restores open tabs, view types per tab, pane size, etc.
* Progress indicator for file operations
* Search and quick filter files and folders
* Properties viewer
* Sort by item name, type, date, and size

Note: The app uses .NET Runtime 6. This updated app does not support Windows 10 S

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