Soul Squash from Pluginboutique


Introducing the SoulSquash Vintage Audio Compressor Pedal: A sonic time capsule brimming with retro allure and modern finesse. Sampled and accurately replicated with Tone Empire's proprietary NM2 Neural Network technology, this pedal embodies a pristine and clean solid-state sound, adding a touch of nostalgia to your audio.

Its intuitive design and minimalist controls channel soulful and funky vibes, ensuring effortless integration into any setup. From pianos to clavinets, orchestra to bass, vocals to drums, the SoulSquash pedal delivers an enchanting compression that enhances every note with a touch of soul.

Elevate your sound with a pedal that captures the essence of vintage punch and versatility, inviting you to infuse your music with a dash of timeless charisma.



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