StereoSavage 2 Elements from Plugin Boutique


It covers almost everything you'd need to make your mix sound exciting in stereo. And with all these options in one plugin, it's easy to flick between presets trying out different techniques on your audio to see what works.

The Elements version of StereoSavage 2 comes equipped with stereo width controls, panning, and rotation parameters, as well as access to phase correlation metering and advanced stereo metering to boot.

The Centre Panel

The centre panel includes all the metering.

There's a modern goniometer implementation. The out of phase signals are below the 45 degree line.

There's also a phase correlation meter. That's the horizontal bar at the bottom.If the phase correlation meter is on the right you have a mono compatible signal, if it goes all the way to the left you might find some of your mix disappears in mono. You can check it (new in Verson 2) by pushing the MONO button in the output section.

There are also input and output level meters as the processing can sometimes affect the volume level and you'll want to balance the output so you can do sensible A/B comparison.

At the bottom of the centre panel you have three controls:

Pan and width you'll already likely be familiar with from your DAW.

Rotation is interesting, and essentially pans the centre signal, leaving the sides in place. If you use rotate on a drum loop with some reverb on it, you'll hear this effect clearly with the drum kit moving left and right but the reverb staying put. It really is magical and very natural sounding, unlike a simple pan.

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