Teorex PhotoStitcher 3.0

Homepage: https://www.photostitcher.com/

Teorex PhotoStitcher is a photo stitching software program designed to create panoramic images by combining multiple overlapping photos. It's a popular choice for photographers and hobbyists alike due to its ease of use and powerful features.

Here's a closer look at Teorex PhotoStitcher:


Fully automatic stitching: Simply select your photos and let PhotoStitcher do the rest. It automatically aligns and blends the images to create a seamless panorama.
Supports various image formats: Works with JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and other popular image formats.
Multiple projection options: Choose from cylindrical, spherical, planar, and other projections to create different panoramic effects.
Automatic cropping: Automatically crops out unwanted areas from the edges of your photos.
Exposure blending: Blends the exposures of different photos to create a balanced and natural-looking panorama.
Resolution options: Choose the desired resolution for your final panorama.
Batch processing: Stitch multiple panoramas at once.
User-friendly interface: Easy to use even for beginners.

Download: PhotoStitcher-3.0-gotd.zip
Download: mirror


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