Thundersoft Video To GIF Converter


Thundersoft Video to GIF Converter is a software tool developed by Thundersoft. It is designed to convert video files into GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) animations. GIFs are widely used for creating short, looping animations from video clips. Here are some key features and functions typically associated with Thundersoft Video to GIF Converter:

Video to GIF Conversion: The software allows users to select a video file and convert it into a GIF animation.

Video Trimming: Users can often specify a specific portion of the video to convert into a GIF by setting start and end points.

Frame Rate Control: Users may have the option to control the frame rate (frames per second) of the resulting GIF, affecting its animation speed.

Frame Size Adjustment: Some versions of the converter allow users to adjust the dimensions of the GIF, including width and height.

Preview Function: A preview feature is often included, allowing users to see how the GIF will look before the conversion is finalized.

Quality Settings: Users can typically choose from different quality settings to optimize the GIF's file size and visual quality.

Output Format Options: Besides GIF, the software may offer options to save the converted animation in other formats, such as MP4 or AVI.

Batch Conversion: It often supports batch processing, allowing users to convert multiple video files into GIFs at once.

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