Vovsoft Image Splitter 1.1

Homepage: https://vovsoft.com/software/image-splitter/

Vovsoft Image Splitter is an image and photo splitter software that you can divide multiple images in bulk. You can add images individually, drag and drop, or select a folder where they are located and let the application extract all the compatible pictures. All the images are displayed in a list, along with their width and height. You can easily change how many output images will be created. Once you do so, pressing the “Split All” button will start creating the images. The splitted images will be saved to your preferred directory. This batch picture splitter software also allows you to preview before actually creating images.

This software has the “Equal Output Dimensions” option. If you enable it, all the output image files will have identical width and height. However it may cause some pixels on the edge of the picture to be ignored due to numerical rounding.

Giveaway: https://vovsoft.com/giveaway/free-image-splitter-2023/
Download: https://vovsoft.com/download/image-splitter/


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