Vovsoft Podcast Downloader 2.8

Homepage: https://vovsoft.com/software/podcast-downloader/

Podcast subscriptions allow you to enjoy episodes of audio files and can be added to any news aggregator or feed reader to get notifications about new releases. While there are various podcast managers you can try out on Windows (such as iTunes), a more simple way to download podcasts is more than welcome, that is where Vovsoft Podcast Downloader comes in. With an extremely light footprint on your computer, this podcast bulk downloader parses lists of podcasts and allows you to download content to your PC quickly and easily. The media can be then played using any audio player.

Vovsoft Podcast Downloader comes with a predefined list of podcasts you can explore. You can enrich this list with your podcasts as adding new RSS feeds is also possible. Moreover, any podcast you don't like can be removed from your list with a few clicks. Clicking on any of the podcasts reveals all the episodes you can download, the majority in MP3 format. Double-clicking on a link is the way to initiate a download. You can also explore or change the download directory.

Download: https://rg.to/file/dbd695d0e6d46a680cc5ca38af9e0b52/Vovsoft_Podcast_Downloader-2.8-sos.exe.html
Download: https://filepost.it/vovsoft.com/Vovsoft_Podcast_Downloader-2.8-sos.exe


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