Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner 1.2

Homepage: https://vovsoft.com/software/spreadsheet-combiner/

Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner is a versatile tool that allows you to combine multiple spreadsheets into a single file. It supports a wide range of spreadsheet formats, including Excel (.xls, .xlsx), CSV (.csv), and Google Sheets (.gsx, .gsheet).

Key Features of Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner:

Combine multiple spreadsheets: Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner can combine multiple spreadsheets into a single file, regardless of their format. You can combine spreadsheets from different locations and directories.
Merge data from different columns: Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner can merge data from different columns in the source spreadsheets. This is useful for creating reports or consolidating data from multiple sources.
Preserve formatting: Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner can preserve the formatting of the source spreadsheets, including fonts, styles, and colors. This ensures that the combined spreadsheet looks consistent.
Filter data: Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner can filter data before merging it. This is useful for excluding unwanted data or focusing on specific information.
Specify merging options: Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner allows you to specify merging options, such as the order of the source spreadsheets, the destination of the combined spreadsheet, and whether to overwrite existing files.
Safe and secure: Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner is safe and secure to use. It does not modify the original spreadsheets and does not store any personal data.
Use Cases for Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner:

Combine sales data from multiple sources: Combine sales data from different departments, regions, or time periods into a single report.
Merge customer information from multiple databases: Merge customer information from different databases to create a comprehensive customer profile.
Combine financial data from multiple accounts: Combine financial data from different accounts into a single balance sheet or income statement.
Create a complete overview of your data: Combine data from different sources to create a comprehensive overview of your business or organization's information.
Is Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner right for you?

Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner is a great tool for anyone who needs to combine multiple spreadsheets. It is easy to use, supports a wide range of formats, and can preserve the formatting of the source spreadsheets. If you need to combine spreadsheets for reporting, consolidation, or other purposes, Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner is a valuable tool to have in your toolkit.

How to install Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner:

To install Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner, simply download and run the installer. The installer will automatically install the software on your computer.

How to use Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner:

Once Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner is installed, open the software and select the ‘Combine Spreadsheets' option. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to select the source spreadsheets, specify merging options, and choose the destination of the combined spreadsheet.


Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner is a simple and powerful tool that can help you combine multiple spreadsheets into a single file. It is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including reporting, consolidation, and data analysis.

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