World of Warplanes – Curtiss XP-31 Pack DLC from SteamPowered

This DLC is not compatible with an account created outside Steam.

This bundle includes the American Curtiss XP-31 Tier II premium fighter. This aircraft is armed with four machineguns, which make it a formidable opponent in the sky! In addition, you will receive days of Premium account, and a stock of supply crates in which you can find days of Premium Account, Premium aircraft, gold, Free XP, experimental equipment, and much more. You will also get a thematic emblem that gives a bonus (crew experience in each battle: +2%)!

DLC Content:
“Curtiss XP-31, USA Tier II fighter
1 Hangar slot
1 crew trained to 100%
1 emblem
3 days of Premium Account
1 Supply crate
2 Steel Supply Crates



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